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The Magic by Rhonda Byrne (Book Review)

Title: The Magic
Author: Rhonda Byrne
Rating: 5/5

For The Secret fans out there, this is another book that can enrich your soul into believing that you can become whoever you want to be. If you only believe in magic, then it will come to you.

Before we move on to this book, here’s a little bit of a review of Rhonda Byrne’s other books:

And probably, your next question is, so what is “The Magic”?

The magic spell that will make our life abundant is, “Thank you!”. Gratitude towards everything that we have right now, will empower our lives to be more than it currently is.

It is the secret spell that should be uttered from the time you opened your eyes and before you close your day off. There are times when you will feel so down and will seem like everything is a mess in your life, as what they say, sometimes you have to build your own sunshine. And how do you do that? By looking for the things to be grateful for – your life, the air you breathe, the food in your table, the people you are with, every part of your functioning body or even the time you have for yourself.

It is easy to over look those simple things thinking, it’s just ordinary. But remember our life is NEVER ordinary.

Every waking hour of our life is a gift from God that we have to be thankful for. No matter how screwed you think you are. We have to start counting our blessings instead of our troubles.

This book when read, can make you believe that magic is real.  Just like a fairy godmother to Cinderella. Something that you can carry on for a lifetime.

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Having been someone who has consistently battled chronic depression (and having been on every type of anti-depression medication while trying “techniques” in depression books) I can tell you that following the strategies in The Magic will help you overcome any anxiety, depression, sadness, or loss of hope that you may have in your life.

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