Me Before You by Jojo Moyes (Book Review)

Title: Me Before You
Author: Jojo Moyes
Rating: 4/5

This review I know is so 2016. I’m so sorry for reading this book too late. Nevertheless, we are book geek wannabe’s and I am also an advocate of reading a book in your own terms and pace.

Only had the chance to read Jojo Moyes’ best seller – Me Before You, recently since I was pretty much engaged with a number of things for the last few months.

We all know that this is a story of a happy and cheerful girl (Louisa Clark) who needs to take care of a 35 year old C5 to C6 paralyzed guy (Will Traynor). And such paralysis will not allow anybody to fully use their arms and legs.

Though they can still communicate and see things around them, they’d surely become very frustrated because of these body restrictions.

Their brains are fully functional but unfortunately, unable to use any other parts of their body.

The book will make you feel so emotional especially the last few part of it, when they’d finally gave in to their feelings. Any love that just happen (without any force) will always be the best kind of love.

That no matter how unlovable the other person is, you just can’t help but fall for the traits that makes them who they are.


On the other hand though, I felt so bad too, and I would really want to change the ending. Maybe make it even more handkerchief friendly.

It revolved around the journey of Louisa and Will’s time together while Will has been stuck in his wheelchair and eventually developed a feeling that gave Will’s life a much more meaning. And for me, the most moving line of Will to Lou was this,

“Clark, you are pretty much the only reason why I want to get up in the morning.”

That no matter how dark his life has been for the last few years after his accident, Louisa made a sunshine after the rain.

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The author allowed a couple of random chapters to be narrated by other characters – a technique that is done a lot, but this was not alternated or done in any kind of methodical way. I’m still not sure if can say it worked or not, but felt it was an inventive way to allow us to see how others viewed the main character (infinitely more positively than she views herself).

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