Message in a Bottle by Nicholas Sparks (Book Review)

Title: Message in a Bottle
Author: Nicholas Sparks
Rating: 4/5

Being an avid reader of Nicholas Sparks’ books, I have already anticipated that someone will die in this story however, I am not expecting that *** died. (so as not to spoil the readers.. : p) But then, I shed tears again. It was a very touching book and although it has the same theme with his other book “A Bend in the Road” (a divorcee and a widow’s love story), he touched the readers differently and he wrote it uniquely from his other books. (Actually, Sparks always does).

Every time I read a book that he wrote, I was always surprised of how things ended.

The love story of Garrett (widow of three years) and Theresa (divorcee) that has been bounded by the message (in a bottle) that Theresa found along the shore while on a vacation. This message in a bottle is not like any other letters who wishes the founder to reply. The message is a simple heart warming love letter that expresses pain, love and loss that ignited Theresa curiosity towards the writer and decided to look for him. In the next couple of days, she found what she is looking for.

They started to fall in love but the ghost of past love still haunts them that made them rethink about their relationship.

A story of someone who knows how to love forever and a person who knows how to move on and stand up after some heart breaks.


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  1. Jeff Rivera

    Nicholas Sparks is truly one of the rare authors that can write masterpieces and inspire other authors like myself. I met him some time ago in Miami and he gave me some good pointers about writing love stories. I've read all of his books, and I will read them again.

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