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Nanay Coring: The Story of National Bookstore’s Socorro Ramos by Yvette Fernandez

nanay coring 2Title:
Nanay Coring: The Story of Nationa Bookstore’s Socorro Ramos
Author: Yvette Fernandez
Ratings 5/5

I found myself smiling as I was reading this cute children’s book. When I was younger, going to bookstore has always been my favorite activity every start of the school year. I love buying new pens, pencils, coloring materials and a lot more. This must have been the main reason why I was so curious about Nanay Coring’s story.

It’s not a typical story I should say. She and her husband has been through the worst, for a number of times and I could say that those downfall could be very exhausting and it really takes a courageous man to get up from those.

Her story was very heart warming. She has imparted a lot of value to her readers. A girl of 18 who eloped with her then boyfriend with only 11pesos in her wallet could have been her most courageous move. There has to be  a lot of trust and love to keep them going and they did all this without the help of their parents.

Faith in God could be one of their defenses throughout the years because no matter how their lives had been through hell, they never lose faith and their love for their family is always there.

It made me believe more, that your family must always be your priority and no matter the circumstances are, they will always be the most important people in your life.

The best advice I got from her was this:

“Don’t be afraid of anyone. Speak out when you have to. All people are the same. They all have stinky farts”

nanay coring 3

The back cover of the booklet

nanay coring

As with Big John’s story, portion of the proceeds will also help other people.

nanay coring 4

As a young individual full of dreams, this booklet didn’t fail me.

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