What to Do When You Are Not Ready for the Book?

What do we mean by “Not Ready for a Book?”

Let’s face it, not ever book is for you. Not all that is written in a book is for you. When there are chapters in a book that doesn’t make sense to you, no matter how many times you’ve read and re read it, then maybe you are not ready for that part of the book or sometimes for the whole book itself.

When you say, you are “Not yet read for that book”, it means you lack the necessary prerequisites in reading that particular book.

Is there something like “prerequisites”?

Do you remember when you were in college, when you have to take some courses for your major subjects? Did you remember that there are subjects that requires prerequisites? Like when I was working as a trainer in a US health insurance company, the trainees will never understand their jobs without fully understanding the US Healthcare Delivery System. Thus we have to undergo a one week pre- training session in which we call, Healthcare 101.

In reading books, there are also prerequisites.

Were you surprised to hear about this? Don’t worry, you are not alone. I too had been surprised when it happened to me personally. And take note, a book prequel or sequel can be an example of a prerequisite.

Example, you won’t appreciate the 3rd Harry Potter book wholeheartedly, if you have not read the first book. You will not appreciate Breaking Dawn if you have not read Twilight. Something like that.

But sad to say, there are books that will not tell you it’s prerequisites.

Because you will never know until you are there in the middle of reading it and you are lost already. Or maybe can not appreciate the ideas fully. Because you lack the foundation necessary to appreciate it.

Here’s my story:

I’ve read the book, How to Influence People by John Maxwell before reading, The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership  by the same best-selling leadership author, John Maxwell. I think (if I’m not mistaken) that is also the first Maxwell that I’ve read. And to cut the story short, it was overwhelming.

How to Influence People talks about the specifics of influencing people. And for somebody who never read a Maxwell book, that can be too much. I still continued reading it, but then I know, if I read it again today, it will give me a much better perspective and maybe would appreciate it even more.

When I read, The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, though it tackles a lot of laws about leadership, it was divided in bite sizes and attacks the readers in a more general way. Not too overwhelming and makes more sense.

I wasn’t ready when I read the first book. Because I learn more if you present the general topics first and we get back to specifics.

On the other hand though, never let this idea cripple you from reading books that interest you.

You will encounter tons of books that you won’t have any idea about. Or topics that were so jargon and may not make sense when you read them. It is inevitable. But what you can do is, ask. Ask people what they thought about those books.

When people ask me what books to read, my first question to them is, “Tell me, what books have you read so far?” and by then, I will be able to know what books will I recommend them. When you also ask that question before bombarding anybody of the books you have read in the past, it will give you an idea what type of genre do they want.

Not all people have the same taste of books.

Therefore, it will save you a lot if you have asked them about their previous reads. I am usually tongue-tied if a new friend of mine tell me that they are into science fiction or thriller. Because I am never into it. I have not even tried it.

And when they say that, I know, I will be of lesser help to them.

What I do is, I will redirect them to another person I know that love that genre. You will connect them to those people who can help them better.

At the end of day, we will encounter books that are not yet for us when we read them. But continue to read it and maybe one day, you will remember it and grab it again. Because by that time, you have gathered that enough experience to understand and appreciate that one book that once you weren’t ready to understand.

Keep reading and you will eventually find that book that will make you say, “I am into reading”. Never get tired. Keep Going.


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