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Image result for Operation: Break the Cassanova’s HeartTitle: Operation: Break the Casanova’s Heart
Author: Aly Almario AKA ‘Aly Alyloony’

“Operation: Break the Cassanova’s Heart” is a pop fictional story written by Aly Almario with the pen name ‘Aly Alyloony’ who is also the author of the bestselling book “She’s Dating the Gangster”.

The story talks about a girl named Naomi Perez and she has a mission, in this mission, she needs to make the school’s playboy, Stephen Cruz, to fall in love with her.

In doing this, there is one and only rule that she needs to abide by, and that is not to fall in love with him.The book revolves around Naomi’s mission and the challenges that she is about to face.

It originally published in Wattpad but is now only available in bookstores and even eBooks/PDFs in Filipino or English languages.

The book is beautifully written; it reflects the sociocultural behaviors of Filipinos in the present and has lots of twists that are unexpected. The plot is very easy to understand, the author used simple words to connect with the readers. The words that are used are effective in creating imagery and it stimulates the reader’s imagination which they can relate to.

It also keeps the readers hanging, provoking them to read a chapter after another.

It is written showing the point of view of the different characters which helps the readers to understand and sympathize what the characters are feeling. A plot-driven blend of romance, comedy, and drama in which the targeted audiences are mainly aimed to older teenagers or young adults, specifically 16 years old and above (as recommended by the creator/producer), or even people that are young at heart so the readers can relate or connect to the story.

The author used jargons that only a certain group of people might understand like “Epal” which were used and understood only by Filipinos.

Aside from that, she created the story inspired by her interests like watching Asian Dramas, Anime and reading books, hobbies, work and even the influences made by the people around her. Through that, she made the story interesting and relatable for the millennials by creating events in the story a little realistic but still fictional.

We rate this book 4.3 out of 5 stars.

It is brilliantly plotted written in a compelling style, and emotionally moving overall. It captivated many millennial Filipino readers. As a fellow 21st century reader, we would highly recommend you to read “Operation: Break the Casanova’s Heart” by Aly Almario especially if you are a romance enthusiast. Aly Almario did not just simply build a rapport between story of the characters to the readers.

But she is also able to show the readers what’s inside her imaginative mind, enabling her to establish a connection with their hearts and minds making them feel what the characters feel in the story.

This book will bring you joy and excitement as you know more about the life of the characters and the challenges that they struggle with.

It can be a powerful tool to promote reading specifically, the Philippine Literature of the 21st Century.

About the Writers and How Do they See Themselves 10 years from now:

 Christian Angelo B. Rolle, Student, Pasig City Science High School

10 years from now, I, Christian Angelo B. Rolle, will be a great game programmer that anyone can look up to by other aspiring game programmers.

As a game programmer, reading books might help me to invent creative games that might hit the interest of most people. As a reader, I expect myself to read many references to improve my skills needed for the job/hobby that I would be doing 10 years from now.


Nathaniel T. Torilla,

Student,  Pasig City Science High School

10 years from now, I see myself as a successful physician who is striving hard to achieve the best version of himself in the field of medicine and as an individual, a person who continues to attain excellence, inspires others, shares his knowledge and is continuously doing small things that might help our country to make big differences.



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