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Image result for A Place in Time by Jessica A. ConchaTitle: A Place in Time
Author: Jessica A. Concha

A Place in Time is a book written by Jessica A. Concha a.k.a j_harry08 in Wattpad. This book is really suitable for teenagers like us and also, for teenagers at heart. We liked how it was well-written. The writer’s approach in describing the setting of the story was great because we were able to picture out where the story is happening.

The usual setting of the story were at the church, school, and the day care center that the protagonists volunteer at. APIT is a book that young readers would want to read for it tackles topics about love, friendship, and family.

The characters presented had the typical attitude that readers would like but because of the plot, the story turned out different (in a good way).

At first, you would think that Shay (protagonist) will fall in love with his classmate because he was the typical type of guy who teases and annoys a girl where in the latter part of the story, they will fall in love with each other, but that is not what happened!

The story showed the progress in each of the characters’ lives and relationship with other characters.

It did not skip from being strangers to lovers, so we got to really understand the story. What is also commendable about it, is that the story did not just focus on one aspect. In one chapter, it was about Shay’s family then the next would be about her friends, and next chapter would be about her love life (though that was in the latter chapters of the book), but all the chapters were interconnected.

The author presented young kind of love where you will feel the “kilig” because the simple efforts to make each other happy was there.

But this book is not just about happiness. The story started when Shay was singing at the church and it also ended in that place, the love of her life by her side, lifeless. It was very inspiring how the story showed hope. That living your life should not stop just because you lost someone very close to your heart. There will always be a reason for you to go on with your life.

It will not be easy, but there are other people who can make you happy.

You just have to look around and appreciate the things that God has given you. And that is what Shay did. She tried to move on from that ‘moment’ but did not forget how Terrence made her feel special and loved. You got to move on from the pain but never forget the feeling that once made you feel so alive.

About the Writers and How Do they See Themselves 10 years from Now

Jharmaine Kaye B. Agub, Student – Pasig City Science Highschool

Her dream is to become a psychologist but now, she will be pursuing MedTech in college. Singing is what makes her feel good. She liked reading because of Wattpad, a website (available in app) where there are stories that you can access and read for free!

”I can see myself working in a hospital as a medical technologist. I am not yet certain if I already have my own family by that time, but I can see myself with my partner, travelling together around the world. I can also see the religious version of myself 10 years from now, serving the Lord. And just enjoying my life because right now, I feel like I’ve been stressed out my whole life (Lol!)”

Mikail Vincent L. Lao, Student – Pasig City Science Highschool

His dream is to become a pro-gamer but he will be pursuing Software Engineer. He likes playing e-sports game because it is the only way he felt special, he feels that being able to be good at something and praise by someone is something rare.

“I can see myself as a successful person, both with attained dreams and luxury. Travelling the world with friends and someone that is God-fearing. 10 years from now, I guessed, I am a lot stronger, much more dedicated and a lot more disciplined. I know that in the future, I would be the type of person not finding true love, but finding pure happiness.”

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