Presentation Excellence by Carlton Casler (Book Review)

Presentation Excellence by Carlton C. Casler (Paperback)Title:
Presentation Excellence

Author: Carlton Casler
Rating: 4/5

At last, I bought myself a book about presentations. The moment I got my new job title, I searched for books that can help me become a better trainer. Yes, I’ve stepped up and so with my book choices because I really wanted to become better at what I do. The next books that I may review here may also be academic and may sometimes be connected to business because of this new role that was give to me which really made me so excited.

Public speaking has been one of the feared activity of people and it is called scientifically as glossophobia. Stage fright and social anxiety disorder are some of the symptoms that can be associated with this. I also fear speaking in crowd especially during the first day of meeting people. It would help decrease my nervousness if I already know the audience personally. But otherwise, which happen most of the time, I have to put double effort for me to get that confidence I needed.

One way to gain confidence in public speaking is by being prepared. You are ready with your topics, your presentation and your materials. That’s why, this book’s checklist is very relevant. It has a checklist where you can refer to before and after your presentation so you won’t get lost.

Some powerpoint tips were also very helpful and significant. The author too has presented the whole aura of the book as very friendly , that it seems like the author is someone close to your heart. He’d give you advises and can make you feel you are not the only person who feels such dread when in front of people you barely know and expected a lot from you. He has also made it a point that you shouldn’t dwell on negative things people can say about your presentation because there will always be something negative to be said about you.

Another thing I liked about it, is how the “chapters” were organized. Instead of segregating it into complicated topics, it was divided into tips which is easy to do and is doable.

The mission in a training session is  to teach
the attendees to be able to do something with 
the ultimate goal that the attendees will be able 
to do that thing tomorrow and forever more 
correctly and without supervision."

The moment I was given my own class, that has been my mantra. I want them to do the job by themselves without them feeling that I have forsaken them. Which means, even though I know that they can do it all by themselves, I make myself visible so that they will know,  I am there to back them up.

One recommended book for start up trainers like me.

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