Prince Caspian by C.S Lewis (Book Review)

Title: Prince Caspian
Author: C.S Lewis
Rating: 2/5

This would be my nth time to read a classic children’s book and the rating might make others furious. But one factor was the timing – if I have read this 15 or 20 years ago, I know I’d appreciate it more. Nevertheless, this is one type of story that I would enjoy watching in the cinema. (Yes, there are novels that I’d prefer to watch in the movies than reading it. I’m not like the typical book freak who would love books over movies all the time. I do appreciate movies too.)

One of the reason why I got an eye with this book is the story of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.

Reading it while watching the series, Game of Thrones, made me compare the two – thinking they are of the same genre and of the same settings (please comment if they aren’t so it can shed some light on my part for I just started watching the series). And I therefore conclude that those who enjoyed reading George Martin’s books would most likely enjoy this book too (If you’ve read both, please comment below and I’d like to know your insights).

This genre might just not suite me (Makes me feel scared of reading another classic **sad face**) but remember book geek wannabe’s, every individual is different and I may not enjoy it but you may give it a try and experience it for yourself. Who knows, this might just be the genre for you. 🙂


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