Princess Lea: Life Story of Lea Salonga by Yvette Fernandez (Book Review)

princess lea bookTitle: Princess Lea (The Life Story of Lea Salonga)
Author: Yvette Fernandez
Rating: 3/5

Since this blog aims to encourage reading to kids, this is one book that can be enjoyed by little girls (around 6-8 years old).

I have rated this with 3/5 because I felt that there is something more that I want to know about Lea Salonga. If she’d write a book about her life, I’d be getting a copy because she is one of the Filipino artists that I’d looked up to because of her achievements.

But, since, I have known some excerpts from her life, I thought, they should have included some of her misfortunes (which I’m pretty sure she had “those times” also) to make it more realistic and doesn’t appear to be “too good to be true”; just like the story of Nanay Coring and Big John.

The best part though in this book is her 11 advice because if kids will read them, they will be inspired to dream big for themselves.

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