Robyn’s Book: A True Diary by Robyn Miller (Book Review)

Title: Robyn’s Book: A True Diary
Author: Robyn Miller
Ratings: 4/5

You all know how much I love reading non fiction books and this is one of the most inspiring book I have read so far. One of the reason why I love this book is how I connect myself to the author. She loves writing and this is how she expresses herself just like me.

I’ve read this book few years ago and it’s very heartwarming. It’s also somehow similar to Mitch Albom‘s Tuesday’s with Morrie but this time, it’s in the first person point of view with the author as the writer. It can also be considered as an autobiography.

This is a diary of a girl with a progressive disease called cystic fibrosis and this is one of the reason why I bought this book before. I remember having a report about this disease when I was in college and so, somehow, I know how this type of disease will progress. When you say “progressive” disease, it means, it will only be worse as time passes by. It will kill you one day at a time.

And like Morrie (of Mitch Albom’s story) Robyn faced her life with positivity and strength.

“The girl in the photo never did battle with an illness that wasted her life and so, she was less strong, less determined, less of a winner, than time would watch her become.”

“Illness and death might strike other people but certainly not me.”

She has lived an inspiration to the people she met and even the people whom she hasn’t met (like me) through her story.

It once again proved that age is just a number. Whether you are 18, 30 or 50 or beyond, as long as you have a positive value about life, you will definitely inspire and influence other people.

Who is she? (as seen at the back of the book)

Robyn Miller lives in a world of oxygen masks, medication and special diets. Robyn suffers from cystic fibrosis, a disabling disease that only gets worse as she gets older.

Growing up isn’t easy and growing up different is even harder. Robyn has learned to express her uniqueness through writing; her journal is full of special thoughts, poems and stories.

Her spirit will inspire you, her talent as a writer will move you and her sense of humor will keep you laughing right along with her. Everyone needs a friend like Robyn.

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