Selling My PreLoved Books To Help Raise Funds for a Mother with TB of the Bone

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Kristina, mother of two, was my batch mate in high school.

I never really had a chance to talk to her when we were teenagers (which was roughly 15 years ago) and when she messaged me about her condition, I, just like some of my friends, were very skeptic about the intention. Maybe because it was a random message from somebody I don’t really know, asking for help.

Months have passed and she continues to message me and one day, she asked me to buy her toiletries – diapers, cotton, wet wipes etc.

And that’s it. My intuition says, I have to see her personally and see her condition.
 True enough, it was a heartbreaking moment that I will never forget. Because I saw a mother in front of me – helpless, sick and unable to walk. However, she has full of life and hope that someday, she will be well. That is so apparent to her when I saw her. I was expecting somebody who doesn’t know how to smile and would be bearing everything on her shoulder. But her face lit when she saw me.

We talked for roughly 3 hours, telling her story.

I have heard the story in the video above a multiple times but she still cries during that part when she is talking about her son. Although she has two sons, her eldest has Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) thus it was only Gelo who helps her. For errands, activities of daily living like taking a bath, keeping the house clean, washing the clothes and dishes etc.

Gelo is 6 years old.

How many of you here has 6 year old son or daughter? Won’t you breakdown if you had been bedridden for sometime and you see your son or daughter go to school alone or sometimes, would help you take a bath? Won’t your hearts break if he is the one doing the household chores for you?

More than being an individual, I saw a mother pleading for help so she may continue to become a mother to her kids.

It was a day that changed my life and made me so thankful for all the blessings that I have and therefore made a promise that, in the best of my ability, to pay it forward, I will try to help her -make her story reach a good number of people, so we will be able to raise the money needed for her operations.

She has TB of the Bone or Potts Disease.

The bone that is affected is her 4th and 5th Lumbar spine which is responsible for our genitourinary activities (urination and defecation) and may cause numbness and leg weakness. The worst case that can happen, is paralysis of her lower part of the body. Especially if surgery has been delayed.

I believe that we are all good people who wants to help and make a difference.

For Local Donations:
BPI: 3179300434
Account name: Rowena O. Lumanas

You can also follow the page that we created to help her. CLICK HERE


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