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Image result for Si by Bob OngTitle: Si
Author: Bob Ong

“Maaari bang malaman ang iyong pangalan?”
“Kailan kita masisilayan, Victoria?”
“Sa iyong pagsilang.”

These are some of the lines written in Bob Ong’s tenth and latest book “Si”.

Perhaps the most common difficulty and challenge that everyone has noticed was the order on how it is supposed to be read. If you would read it both ways, it would definitely make sense either way. Readers may see it as a memoir of chronological events through significant and pragmatic events in his life or as a person chronicling and documenting his entire life story.

It actually gives you some variety of nostalgia feels.

You put on the shoes of this senile old stager trying to reminisce his past, starting from the most contemporary, going back, until he met his soul mate and so on.

Strange as it may seem, each chapter may be viewed as the protagonist and narrator’s age from chapter 0 – 72 as it was written in a first-person perspective.

Predominantly, “Si” redefines love as the story tackles the reality of love that doesn’t focus on romance between the two lovers. It tackles endearment in its many figure as one may undergo them in his of her lifetime – namely Agape (love for God), Eros (romantic and sexual love), and even Storge (familial love) – and how the protagonist and narrator experiences these kinds of love in the most tempestuous years of his both personal and of the country.

You would actually ask the question “what happened” instead of “what will happen”, and this style of writing really works in a novel wherein readers want to submerge in order to seek the history.

The versatility of the novel is prominent as it reveals the voice and tone of the writer starting from the modern-age language era to erotic era, then the prospect of a young kid. As the kid grew younger, the flair of writing modifies too.

The book “Si” got our interest because the writer is Bob Ong.

He is well-known and famous for making the protagonist a dynamic character as the story continues and the involvement of this kind of style was evident in this story. The protagonist and his lover Victoria had shown the true definition of love and its much form. The story tackles the reality of love that doesn’t focus on romance between the two lovers.

The novel is engaging for it will make you read it over and over again.

It is a substantial book worth to be read among the other books because it contains not only a single file of content but a diverse and vast meaning if you engage and immerse yourself into it.

It is recommendable to all people who want to love again and redefine love, to those who’ve been victim of love, and to those who want to be inspired in a love story that is not always fill with romance.

About the Writers and How Do they See Themselves 10 years from Now

Felix Jr. L. Janopol, Student, Pasig City Science High School

I see myself as a computer engineer with a decent house and a job that is enough to sustain my family. While working, I am also taking some outside job offers and make my own name in this industry as I am planning to be freelancers once I’ve make my name. I will be working on making my name for about another 5 years to improve my credibility and value.

Raffy V. Garcia, Student, Pasig City Science High School

I see myself 10 years from now as a student from a prominent university wherein, I’ll be majoring in the discipline of Science, for I am a man of science itself, specifically in the field of Ophthalmology. Along with this, I want to pursue Fine Arts for it is my and will always be my dream to express my thoughts through arts.

I am driven to be the best at what I do and I want to work somewhere where I’ll have opportunities to develop and hone my skills, take on interesting projects and adventures, and study with people I can really learn from.

“Let the Earth seethe, tranquil the ocean and make the wind roar according on our own wisdom!”

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