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So You Want to be a Freelance Writer by Elizabeth Ong (Books Review)

Title: So You Want to be a Freelance Writer
Author: Elizabeth Ong
Ratings: 5/5

This is like a book buy and book review in one post because I just bought it yesterday and I was able to read it in 2 hours. It’s a really short book, its like a booklet actually.

The title really interests me, though I am not a professional writer per se, I love writing and for sometime, I was able to get paid for it. (Thanks to the internet)

Anyhow, this book is very simple to understand and everyone wont have a hard time understanding the context of this book. In my opinion, though the part about computers and typewriters are a bit outdated for me, still, it was able to provide the basics on how to be a freelance writer. It sounded easy as she explained it but I know how difficult it is especially if you are still a newbie in the industry.

A very useful book for starters and though it may sound uncomplicated, the author didn’t present false and misleading promises about freelancing. She was able to explain the pitfalls of it as well. What makes it even more interesting is her own personal stories on different good and bad scenarios as she was starting, which everyone can learn from. She gives advises and tips on what and what not to do on specific problems one can encounter.

One good book to start with if you are a writer and wants to explore the world of freelancing. This may be a booklet with only a 102 pages but it’s really worth reading.

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