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How To Start Your Day Right by Jonas Dupo (Book Review)

Title: How to Start Your Day Right
Author: Jonas Dupo
Rating: 5/5

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I have interviewed Jonas Dupo here in my blog before and  now, I got the privilege to read his book already. You can also get the FREE copy of his book when you click the link posted above.

It was in 2013 when I met him and just started working with him last year. Ever since, I find him inspirational and a very outgoing person. Reading his book made it also possible for others to know his humble beginnings and struggles.  This has also been an avenue for him to share his morning routine and how he was able to face failures and challenges.

His book talks about starting your day right and be inspired for the next 24 hours.

Just like him, I am a firm believer that your future depends on your today. A present full of dreams and motivation will be the building block of a much better days ahead of you.

A starter pack kit towards success.

This is how I’d describe this book because it gives you the “how” that can make a difference.

Though my favorite chapter is the third chapter, which is about creating a dream board, the first chapter kicks differently which set the standard mood for the whole book. The first chapter is about reading the bible. Though I’m not religiously reading my bible, it created a much stronger bond with me and my God – the supreme being and the reason of my existence. He’ll give you deeper insights about the bible and might have also increased my faith towards Him.

Here’s also my favorite quote:


You may think that this book is purely about spiritual habits but towards the 4th and 6th chapter, you’d realize that your spiritual being would never be complete without you nourishing your physical body. That’s why eating healthy and exercising  should be part of an awesome morning routine.

If you want an inspirational and short read, then this book is highly recommended. Jonas is a dreamer, a student of life and an inspiration. Thank you for this little gem! 🙂

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How to Start Your Day Right by Jonas Dupo.


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