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Title: It Started With A Converse
Author: Laylaa Khan

It started with a converse is a wattpad story about a teenage girl named Anne De Ville, that has fallen in love with the school’s number one bad boy named Hunter Denegan. The story was on the point of view of both of them and revolves on the relationship of Anne with Hunter.

Anne decided she needed to buy new shoes and gone to the mall to buy new converse.

After she bought the shoes she accidentally dropped her shoes down three flights of stairs on Hunter. When the pair of converses hit on Hunter’s head, he turned into prince charming and comes looking for the girl who dropped the shoes.

The wattpad story It started with a converse got the Highest Rank – #1 in Short Story.

This story was written by xThePineappleGirlx. xThePineappleGirlx is the pen name of Laylaa Khan, is eighteen-year-old girl that runs entirely on caffeine and sarcasm.


Anne De Ville – only girl in their family and has black hair, green eyes, scholar in her school and her height is 5’7. She has no dogs because she is too lazy to take them for walks and spends her life reading or studying.

Hunter Denegan – a god on his school, most popular person in school, captain of the school’s football team and has an extremely hot body and also a womanizer. Daniel – Anne’s oldest brother. Stand as a parent for her and for her brothers. He has black hair, blue eyes, womanizer and six foot something.

Alex and Cody – Anne’s younger twin brothers. Both have blond hairs and sometimes talk at the same time.

Jessica – daughter of Cassidy from father’s side. Step sister of Anne and Daniel.

Cassidy – Girlfriend of Anne’s father. Got pregnant at early age. The mother of Jessica.

Aiden – Anne’s best friend since birth because of their moms


By Harold Landicho

After I read the book and look back at the book cover, I noticed that the book cover is very simple and straight to the point.

That makes book appealing to readers. The author called this story as short but in reality, it is not short, it has 25 chapters and another one for the epilogue. I can say that Laylaa Khan or known as “xThePineappleGirlx” as her pen name in wattpad is a good writer, her writings are very timely and it is non-fiction.

I usually like stories that describes the characters in details.

For example, in Anne’s Point of View (POV), Hunter is wearing this certain kind of clothes. Describing characters in details for me helps reader use their imagination on the setting of a part of a story. I’m really picturing scenery in America when I was reading the story. Because of gangs and Hunter being a party goer. This is one of the techniques used by Khan, reading this story takes you to another place with the use of your imagination.

I really recommend every people especially the millennials to read this story although it is a little SPG.

But it is cool. The story line is really good and it is so exciting reading every chapters of it.

By Albert Dominguez

When I saw the title of the story “It started with a converse” I didn’t think that it would be that interesting because the title is not that catchy but as I read the story once again I proved to myself that don’t judge the story by its title. Also, the story is relatable because I am also a teenager. This is definitely deserved its highest rank #1 in short story. Laylaa Khan also known as xThePineappleGrilx, the author of the story is a very talented person because at the age of 18 she already published many wattpad stories.

I can say that this story can definitely attract the reader’s attention and interest.

So, when you have extra time feel free to read this story because you’ll not regret it.

Overall Rating

Both of us would like to give the story a rating of 4.8 out of 5 because of the following reason it is in line in short stories but there were 26 chapters all in all and the writer said it herself that her stories supposedly short. Also, and we were expecting a creative ending. Those were the flaws we seen when we read the book. If we were to create another ending of the story it would probably like this. The both of them, Anne and Hunter changed. Hunter promised that he will only focus on Anne and stop being a womanizer. Anne promised that she will only focus on Hunter and stop flirty.

About the Writers and How Do they See Themselves 10 years from Now

Albert Dominguez, Student – Pasig City Science Highschool

I see myself as successful person 10 years from now as an Engineer I’d be 27 years old by that time and I already have a decent job and started building my own house. I will be facing new challenges in my life that will eventually overcome.  If everything goes according to my plan all of my attainable dreams will come true and I will be living the life the way I want it to be. I believe that if you pursue excellence, and success will follow.


Harold Landicho, Student – Pasig City Science Highschool

I foresee myself at 27 as a computer engineer and a successful investor. Enjoy my work as a computer engineer in an office. Has a salary that is more than enough to support myself and my family. I see myself having a family and having 2 kids at least. I also see myself travelling the world with my family.

My parents were the persons who wanted me to become a computer engineer. Because they always seeing me having my laptop with me every time so they decided to make me an engineer. It is just a suggestion and after I’ve searched about computer engineers works, for me not to become hopeless when I became one. I realized that I can do it, I can pursue that job and I can make money from it. So I stick with this course until I graduate in college. Overall, I see myself ten years from now that I can utilize all of my strengths in different fields for me to reach success.

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