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Title: Stupid is Forevermore
Author: Miriam Defensor Santiago

In the book “Stupid is Forevermore”, Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago included different phrases and sentences that she uses as an ice breaker in her speeches in the Senate. Some of these lines were also used when she speaks in front of students as inspiration and a lot of them relate to these phrases, or what they call as hugot. She also included an excerpt entitled,

“The Exorcism of a Ghost” from her book, “A Frabjous Day”, which consists of short stories written by the inspiring senator.

In the excerpt “The Exorcism of a Ghost”, the main character is unknown, but her gender was stated as a female. This woman was constantly disturbed by a ‘ghost’ of his so-called previous lover. Whenever she sees another man, somehow she is reminded of ‘his’ actions, words, and name. Although she is reminded of these things, she still can’t pinpoint the name of the man.

A man named Cesar welcomed her in his own home. He was also introduced as a friend who connected the main character with her college friends.

The haunting continued until she, along with her college friends and Cesar, went to a funfair. She found a fortune-teller’s tent. The fortune-teller can predict future heartaches of a person, if there are any. After picking a lovecard, she asked the old woman if she would be able to see ‘him’ again.

But the elder said no, and yet the woman insisted, asking whether the ‘ghost’ is thinking of her at all.

The old lady kept on seeking for the woman’s card, but she only sees it as lost love, and later, as confused love. That’s when she realized that the crone was right, that she will never remember the ‘ghost’s’ real name nor will she ever hear that name again.

This excerpt displays a heartbroken female being constantly reminded of her previous love life.

The ghost being her previous lover, and that she was only ‘exorcised’ when she visited the fortune-teller. She was alleviated from this hallucination and she learned to accept that she will never hear nor remember his name.

She expressed the logic of ‘’moving on’’ in the most creative way I’ve ever seen.

In which, when one would only scan through the excerpt, he/she would not easily understand its meaning and essence. As usual, Sen. Santiago used profound words. The context of the story is not exactly detailed, but the essence is still there.

Filipinos agree with the senator’s relatable epigrams. This story may be considered as one of her great works that most recent generations can relate to.

Although the excerpt came from one of Sen. Santiago’s books, it had the privilege to be a part of her current book. The book consists of different epigrams on topics such as politics, life, and love. She also included selected articles from her speeches in conferences and commencement exercises.

An example of this is “The Challenge of Excellence”, an excerpt from her speech at the Commencement Exercises of Gordon College of Olongapo City: an excerpt that gives advices for these future professionals.

I would rate the excerpt with 4 stars since the message was well-conveyed, and the words used were uncommon.

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