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Title: Stupid is Forever
Author: Miriam Defensor Santiago

The book, Stupid is Forever by Merriam Defensor Santiago is a collection of jokes, pick-up lines, satirical phrases, comical illustrations and excerpt in some speeches she had done pertaining to different social issues specially in the field of politics.

There is no doubt, that the Senator can still injects humor even during the midst of hot debate in the Senate.

Attacking various social issues in hilarious way made the book to catch up greater number of readers just like students.

It is a small book that cost ₱175.00 and consists of 132 pages covered with aesthetic abstract art that can be finished within hours if uninterrupted. Keep in mind reading it in public places, you might act awkwardly in front of people because you can’t help yourself to laugh at some point if it really hits you hard.

However, in that way you can gather and alleviate people’s attention and curiosity to read the book.

This book not only aims to make you laugh, but in every line of it serves as an awareness to what is the reality of the Philippine government.

Senator Santiago is one of the government officials that fights corruption that uses this way to easily catch the attention of each Filipino individual to speaks out the wrong doings of the officials.

Being a government official doesn’t mean she only focuses on a political side but also, she includes in her book the different aspects of Philippine society into six (6) chapters that elaborately talks about a definite topic in society through figurative approach – life as a student, going beyond student leadership, love life issues, social media, and marriage life.

Merriam Defensor Santiago bravely and indirectly shames her enemies anonymously through sarcastic and ridiculous sentences that shows their hypocrisy within a beautiful façade.

For some instance those enemies she described in the book that read it, may be affected by those hilarious words. Every written line wanted to reach vast Filipino audiences that impulses people to become observant to every government’s action.

“Someone working in the presidential staff in Malacañang loves to appear on TV, looking very much like a female llama surprised in her bath.”

“In a corrupt country, if you want to succeed in politics, you must keep your conscience under control.”

As seen on the television shows, she is famous in delivering her “hugot” and pick-up lines in different College Universities whenever she was invited to deliver inspirational messages to the graduating class.

This book of her, managed to facilitate those things that evidently shows Sen. Santiago’s intellectual prowess. These “hugot” and pick-up

lines inside the book metaphorically reflect the Filipino innate nature specially in terms of love.

“Password ka ba? Hindi kasi kita kayang kalimutan, pero kaya kitang palitan.”

“Pwede ba kitang sabayan pauwi? Kasi sabi sa akin ng magulang ko, ‘Follow your dreams.’”

Along chapters of the book she inserted some collective inspirational speeches that encourages these graduating students specially the law students to act upon the government anomality and charge the officials behind the gimmick.

As new a generation that will continue the legacy of fighting the corruption, she emphasizes the use of any accessible sources like social media as a showcase for intangible movement or energy, and a medium of information to motivate people to vote for or against a candidate. Students must also go beyond their comfort zone and act as a leader to everybody to move them to achieve good quality of life. In some other way, members of the team will be inspired to develop the qualities of being a good leader.

“Ignorance is curable, stupid is forever,”

became the central theme of the book that she eagerly emphasizes to the readers who could grab the chance to read Sen. Miriam Santiago’s one of a kind masterpiece which subtlety implies that everyone of us must be encouraged to be wise in every aspect of life.

In line with that, combining her strong arguments with humor that ensures readers to take it seriously what the book really meant while having fun.

Lastly, the rating we can give to this book is 4/5 stars. The overall content isn’t that bad at all and in terms of quality work it is worth the price. We also recommend this book to aspiring students who want to become politicians in the near future to have insight what kind of environment does the politics had and how you will deal with it.

The genre it has also gives additional flavor to the audience because of its uniqueness and creativity to showcase its content give it a clear distinction from other 21st century literatures.

And before anything else make sure you should have brought enough vocabulary words and comprehension because some words are very intellectual.

About the Writers and How Do they See Themselves 10 years from Now


Keith T. Ostan, Student – Pasig City Science Highschool

We always dream to attain things for ourselves. Every goal we set takes time with hard work and discipline no matter how difficult it is. For myself, ten years from now I’ll become a successful doctor and businessman that’ll surely make my family proud.

As a doctor, I’ll ensure the health of my patients up to the extent of my best skills.

After I become financially stable, I’ll start to build my own family with children of two. I’ll also construct my very own apartment and clinic with the money I saved from my job to earn some extra money to sustain the needs and wants of my family.

That just won’t be the end, I’ll continue to serve and glorify God and help others until my life lasts. I really believe to my future self that he can achieve everything he planned.

TAGRA, Jomari L,  Student – Pasig City Science Highschool

A decade from now, I see myself as graduate with a course of BS Computer Science, and currently working as a Senior Programmer mainly focused on Game Development. In this stage, even I got the title of being a senior in this track I’m still in the process of developing my skills, learning new experiences, and expounding my knowledge. Currently I am now investing to my own small business.

To be followed by a construction of my own house, securing the future of my parents, and funding the tuition fees of my younger brother.

Having an organization is also one of my goals in my life. In this way, I can reach out to those people who is inclined particularly in programming but does not have the money to study. So, you probably notice that having my own family is not enlisted this is because I am not forcing myself to have my own one in the span of ten years from now, love moves in a mysterious way and probably we do not know when this love hits your heart.

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