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Stupid is Forevermore by Miriam Defensor-Santiago (Book Review)

Title: Stupid is Forevermore
Author: Miriam Defensor-Santiago
Rating: 5/5

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This time she added more and again can make you laugh with all her punchlines.

"Taken ka nga, for granted naman."
 "Aanhin pa ang April Fool's Day? 
Araw araw k naman niloloko?"
 "Alarm clock ka ba? Kasi, pagkagising ko, 
ikaw yung una kong gustong patayin."

I find myself amused (again) thinking of how great she (author)  is, not only as one of the most brilliant leaders here in the Philippines but also as a person. Miriam Defensor-Santiago is the epitome of success for me because of her overall persona. Her bio at the back of the book was jaw dropping.

One woman to admire and salute to. Some people would go out of the country and find peace in another land. But she opted to stay here and serve the Filipino people with her intelligence, guts and courage. Some people, when faced with the reality of life would loose their idealism and submit themselves to dishonesty, corruption and other illegal bandwagon. But her attitude towards these issues remained the same and would still fight against these villains of the country.

I hope she’d be given more healthy years to come because we need someone like her who truly cares for us. Again, thank you Miriam for the love you offer this country. You never fail to fight for us at the same time, make us laugh with your wit and charm.

“There is no secret to success but perseverance.”
“You do not need to have a title to be a boss or a leader.”
“As a great man said, ‘Lord, change the world. and begin with me.'”


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