Summer in the City by Robyn Sisman (Book Review)

Image result for Summer in the City by robin sysmanTitle: Summer in the City
Author: Robyn Sisman
Ratings: 4/5

Some people are suckers for chic lit novels but not me! lol. This may have some “ordinary” sense for a chic lit story but it has an extraordinary plot. It’s exciting and it’s as if I’m watching a romantic film. It’s engrossing. (Just make sure Mr. Webster is handy! I ended up using it more than necessary. lol)

Its a typical love story of a single woman of 32, Suze and a taken guy (engaged) named Lloyd of 35 that went through a rough business time and ended up longing for each other even if they just communicated through phone, exchanging business fax letters and have only met once in real life after all the circumstances that had happened between them. And take note, Lloyd was engaged when they started to know each other which may be considered as a passe. The conflict too was a cliche but the author has her own way of making it more exciting than it truly is.

I somehow thought that they’d kiss at the end to give an EPIC-MOVIE-ENDING style finale. But they didn’t. LOL. Disappointing. hahaha!

Nevertheless, I enjoyed reading it. 🙂


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