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Suzanne’s Diary for Nicholas by James Patterson (Book Review)

Title: Suzanne’s Diary for Nicholas
Author: James Patterson
Rating: 5/5

I’m so glad I gave the author a second chance. My first Patterson novel was a bit off and though this diary can be predictable just like the first Patterson novel I’ve read, somehow, the story kept me on my toes.

In the middle of the story, I felt like I don’t want to be confronted by an obvious ending.

Initially, I thought that Suzanne and Nicholas were lovers but they are not (It’s up to you to find out). Their relationship is much more than being lovers.

A pseudo Nicholas Sparks type of love story.

It will put you in tears as you read the last chapters. It’s plot is simple yet can be bitterly awful. There can be a heavy feeling too, maybe an after shock as I want to call it.

I was hoping for a happy ending (which actually did) but was wrapped in a different flow of events. The aftershock of this diary was both good and bad. Because this story has two endings.

How James Patterson did this diary? It’s up to to find out. It can hurt so much.

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This is one of my favorites!! I read this book 10 years ago and can still quote the last chapter. True to James Patterson this is a wonderful well developed book with one huge surprise waiting. You wont regret spending the time on this one!

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