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The Abundance Formula by Bo Sanchez (Book Review)

Image result for Abundance Formula by Bo SanchezTitle: The Abundance Formula
Author: Bo Sanchez
Rating: 5/5

This book will give you a deeper meaning of abundance, so you can start to feel that richness inside and out.

We were programmed when we were younger that getting rich can be a sin because you were asking for more than what you have. But then reading this book can give you a much better insight on why one should wish for abundance.

It’ll give you than intrinsic motivation at the same time will give you a formula to be financially be free.

Make 100% – through your God’s given gifts
Give 10% – Tithing
Multiply your 20% – through inventing
Manage your 70%

We all crave for success and just like this book, it NEVER equates success with your net worth. But is the value that you give to people.

Abundance Formula gave me a different perspective about the ending that I want to pursue in my life. More than being successful, it also tells you to give. For that is the nature of the universe. You will receive what you give.

One story that stood out, is the story of the two seas in Israel – The Dead Sea and the Sea of Galilee.

Both seas came from one water source. However, there is a big difference if you compare the two. The Sea of Galilee has full of life – fishes, corals and full of birds around it. On the other hand, Dead Sea is literally dead – salty, bitter, no signs of  life – fishes or birds, nothing.

Makes me wonder why are the two so different even though they both came from one water source?

The Sea of Galilee receives water at one end and gives out water at the other end. The Dead Sea receives the same water at one end, but it has no outlet. It keeps all the water within itself.


One book that will enlightened you to use your gifts, let loose of what you have and most importantly, a deeper and a higher meaning of what “abundance” means.

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