The Art of War for Executives by David Krause (Book Review)

Title: The Art of War for Executives
Author: David Krause
Rating 4/5

The Art of War by Sun Tzu is an old classic book where this little book of wisdom was derived. Though I have not read the old classic, it’s words has been all over, continuously giving value to people.

Who will benefit from this book?

You may think that only business executives will benefit from this book because of it’s title.  Sure enough, they have the biggest buy in, in digesting the wisdom brought about by Krause. However, base from my personal experience and evaluation of this book, any person who is a part of a team, dreamed of having their own business or is a leader of their own group of people can surely finish this book with a lot of take away.

I realize that in this world full of uncertainties, negotiations is a never-ending skill that one should learn or get involved to; as we constantly face a battlefield, regardless of your expertise.

At the end of the day, you have to know how to fight with dignity and pride without compromising your integrity as a person.

Although there are topics here that I personally disagree on, I felt like these kinds of topics shouldn’t be skipped and must be faced with courage. Because as we grow older and be exposed to the realities of the world, we will continuously be challenged, not only our physical self but may also include our values and our character as a person.

As they say, we always talk about success but we seldom talk about war which will eventually be a prerequisite to success.

This book can be a good start to open your mind and your heart as well, to the mischievous part of the world – a reality that each of us must endure. A war that we need to overcome.

This can also strengthen your leadership skills, allows you to determine your advantages towards a competition and be able to have a work around when faced in a difficult situation. There are also techniques that you can use to improve your way of handling your team for a better outcome.

A little book that you can re read over and over again which for sure will give you a different perspective, the second you re-visit it.

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This is an amazing read. I am a young executive in an lagre company in which my mentor recommended this book. I am into my second reading of the book now. One cannot take in all the strategy expressed in one reading. For that matter, I maybe a student of this book for life.

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