The Book Museum Cum Ethnology Center (Marikina City)

It’s been three weeks since I’ve been procrastinating and been planning to visit this place. It’s located inside a residential area in Marikina Heights so, this place seems to be very secluded from the public eye. I saw this place when I was browsing facebook (Fan Page) and got really very curious. This place has been operating since 2013 and they just recently opened it to walk-in visitors. Previously, you need to have reservations before going.

Book Museum 2

Book Museum Cum Ethnology Center is both a museum about books and other travel souvenir by its owner, Atty. Dominador Buhain. He is also the man behind the publishing company, Rex Bookstore.

The monument of the founders of Rex, Groups of Companies, Juanito and Jovita Fontelera, is also erected in this place as seen in the picture above.

Book Museum Buildings

This place has three main buildings – the souvenirs from the Northern Philippines which includes the Cordillera regions, Sagada and Benguet. The Book Musuem is the second one,  which houses the books and other travel pamphlets from the owner’s travels around the world. The Southern part of the Philippine culture can be felt on the third building. Made me conclude that Philippine culture is very interesting to learn and is very rich.

Book Museum 24

There were actually more paraphernalia and interesting stuff inside and I opted not to post it here, to give more excitement to you guys. So, you’d still have some take aways when you’d go and visit the place. It’s also a little creepy because there were human skull in the exhibit because of human hunting.

It’s part of the Philippine culture that I was so shocked to learn about. It’s what they call tribal competition. It’s a symbol of greatness once a leader of a tribe has been beheaded and it’ll be part of their ritual.

Book Museum 25

Went there after my shift so, that is the look of a girl which has this whole museum by herself because it’s too early – around 9:30 in the morning. They are open from 9am to 5pm everyday.

Book Museum 26

This is the mini book collection with the smallest tablet, under a magnifying glass.

Book Museum 27

There was also a collection of pens that Atty. Buhain collected in every seminars he attended. Also get to conclude that he is a very sentimental person who would collect things from every place he’d go to and attach emotions to it. Thus, this collection is very precious and entails a lot of care from people who’d visit the place. The defunct printing press was once been confiscated by the publishing house (Rex Publishing house) due to illegal printing of their books back in the days.


There’s also a James Dean collection that we can see since he is the owner’s favorite artist.

Book Museum, Marikina,

It was time well spent! You’d learn a lot about our country, Philippines and you’d be amazed on how much you had been missing because you weren’t paying that much in your history teacher when you were in elementary.

It was also a nudge for me to travel more and expose myself more to different culture and expect to be amazed. You’d also get a little scared with some of the stuff inside because of how it look like. Some of them are really creepy. lol. But then again, it’s one great place to visit, one weekend. 🙂

The Book Museum cum Ethnology Center

Address: 127 Dao St. Marikina Heights, Marikina City
Admission Fee : Php100.00 except senior citizen where the amount that would be required to gain entry is Php 80.00

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