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The Business Plan Coach by Lindsey Byrne (Book Review) Teach Yourself Workbook

 Title: The Business Plan Coach (Teach Yourself Workbook )
by Lindsey Byrne
Rating: 5/5

A workbook for future businessmen. Though this is a lot to take in for newbies like me, taking some time and effort to fill this up will surely give your business a little push and organization. It will actually depend on which part are you currently in, in terms of your business – are you in the goal planning? or in developing the product that you want to share or in the logistics part which I am currently struggling on.

This book has helped me achieve some of this blog’s main mission and vision by asking the right questions and has eventually lead to a more meaning goal for me.

This workbook will serve as your reference in the future, should you be stuck at one point when creating your own business.

It’ll allow you to follow through a step by step process from your business goals and mission to its implementation and money matters. The Teach Yourself Business Plan Coach can help you jump start your dream of creating your own business. Though self learning can really be tough and would require a lot of technical skills, this book can introduce you to some topics that you never thought you needed. Therefore  allows you to identify your business’ strengths and weaknesses, in which you can start on.

Then, you can also work on finding some others books that can give you a much better perspective. The other books will be able to supplement your learning while filling this up.

Teaching oneself will always be a trait of a successful person. Never stop learning, just because nobody is teaching you how.

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