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The Greatest Miracle in the World by Og Mandino (Book Review)

Title: The Greatest Miracle in the World
Author: Og Mandino
Rating: 5/5

**Note: If you haven’t read the story, I’d have to ask you to leave because this review has a lot of spoilers because of the story’s simplicity and brevity. **

Yes, the story of this book is rather short but is meaningful. This is a story narrated by the author himself – Og, during his promotional period for his best selling book,

The Greatest Salesman in the World.

If you’ve read that book, it’s about a business mogul’s journey to success using the 10 scrolls (Click this link to redirect you to our review about it) and in this new book, a “miracle” happened. Something he can’t explain either. There were coincidences and scenarios that linked him and his new found friend – Simon Potter with his book’s protagonist. Simon is a “rag picker” – an old man with full of wisdom due to his age and his experiences towards life and his inclination to read books. Rag picker in it’s most literal meaning is a person who sells rags. But in this book,

rag pickers were people who would save people from misery by being their mentor and coaches.

Simon Potter became Og’s mentor, friend, father figure and hero. They became friends for a year or so, until Og finally to agreed on receiving his most treasured manuscript, that he wants to share to the world – The God Memorandum.

After receiving that manuscript, He suddenly disappeared out of the blue and he then placed this God Memorandum in the last chapter of this book.

Somehow, I’m a little skeptic if this really happened in reality or if this story is a product of his imagination and creativity. Either way, this has given birth to a story full of wisdom about life and if i’d summarize it using a few lines in the book, this is how it goes. If you want to be happy and successful.

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This book has helped me to increase my self-esteem and to regain that desire for a better life that has been lost for some time. It has served as a reminder to dream those big dreams, to be grateful for things that I already possess, to strive for the things that I want to achieve through working for them (as I have learned that those things truely worth having are not handed to you)


One inspirational book in one sitting.

Here’s some other favorite quotes in the book that you can also love:

“While we are all different, each is unique in his or his own way. Our lack of self-esteem which produced our failure is universal sickness from the complex of either anxiety, guilt and inferiority.”

“God has never placed us in a hole from which we could not grow. And if we had locked ourselves in a prison of failure and self-pity, we were the only jailers.. we had the only key to our freedom.”

“Problems, big and small will be with every one of us so long as we live.”

“If you have all the fresh water you want to drink and all the food you want to drink and all the food you want to eat, you ought never to complain about anything.”


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