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The Guardian By Nicholas Sparks (Book Review)

Title: The Guardian
Author: Nicholas Sparks
Rating: 5/5

This novel is my other favorite book written by Sparks. It’s not like any other Spark’s novel. It has a great first chapter that on the first pages, you wouldn’t want to let it go.Towards the middle of the story, it gave me the creeps that I even thought of not finishing it. I got really so affected by it. My knees were shaking because of the “stalker” idea he presented.

I am not an animal lover as others, but the ending was really saddening and made me feel that having a pet is one good way to be happy because they can also love you in return in their own way.


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0 Replies to “The Guardian By Nicholas Sparks (Book Review)”

  1. Verlene

    I finally found what novel I’m going to buy and read for myself in the future because I know what it feels like having a loving dog 😀 There are books I’ve read that I’ve been wanting to suggest for you to read. Want me to send the titles and authors of those books through private message?

    • iamtwixietops

      I really love this novel. even if im not so into animals. i really appreciate it, :)) sure! you can sen it to me.. thanks verlene! hope to have more time reading ~!~

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