The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo (Book Review)

magic, life-changingTitle: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up (Japanese art of decluttering and organizing)
Author: Marie Kondo
Rating: 3/5

I’ve been eyeing this book since last year when it was posted in Fully Booked IG account. It was something that I had been curious to read, knowing how messy I am as a person.

In essence, this book I can say isn’t something I thought it was. It’s more about decluttering (letting go of things to organize your home). How to get rid of things – your clothes, books, papers, furnitures etc. that were all lying around your place and this book is basically for a person who owns plenty of stuff  and doesn’t have any idea how to dispose them. It mainly revolves around the idea of minimalism.

It may be something that I never thought it was, nevertheless I still have a few takeaways from it.

  1. Never declutter by location.Instead, do it by category and even sub category (example: clothes, office supplies, gardening tool etc) – I used to do the former because it’s much easier to dispose and is efficient time management wise. However, you tend to forget things that you placed somewhere a long time ago, which will basically add more clutter in your home.
  2. Things to keep should spark joy.This should be the ultimate criteria in disposing your stuff. If it doesn’t make you happy while you hold and scrutinize  it, then it should go to the “letting go” basket.
  3. This is not explicitly explained but this book is also about mind conditioning.
    It let you use guided imagery and positive thinking as its strategy, for you to enjoy tidying up.

I just have one thing to ask to Marie, it would really make a big difference if this was published as a coffee table book, with pictures on it. Visual learner like me will surely appreciate it even better. I may have given it a 5/5 rating should there be any pictures on it. I also visited her website and I’m always amaze with how organized she is.

If you plan on decluttering your place, this book can be a good start for you.

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The book itself is very pretty and a pleasure to hold, it is well printed on decent paper with an easy to read typeface. It is quite small and well bound in a hard cover.


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  1. Dedicated servers

    Marie “KonMari” Kondo runs an acclaimed consulting business in Tokyo helping clients transform their cluttered homes into spaces of serenity and inspir. Marie Kondo, this graphic novelization brings Kondo’s life-changing tidying method to life with the fun, quirky story of a woman who transforms her home, work, and love life using Kondo’s advice and inspiration.

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