The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks (Book Review)

Title: The Lucky One
Author: Nicholas Sparks
Rating: 3/5

It speaks mostly about destiny. That everyone has its own purpose and has it own reason/s for why’s and why not’s. Sometimes, most of us know the reason behind but most of us don’t have any hint and we need to look for it and never stop until we discover it

It’s the story of a photo found in the middle of a war by Logan. For some reason, it became his lucky charm and his best friend even believed that it was the reason why he survived war. After the death of his best friend, he thought it’s time to know why he got that picture and who that woman in the picture is (Elizabeth). He thought he owe that person much of his life and thought he can pay her back by working in their kennel.

Everything started there. Their love, their good times together with Elizabeth’s son and her family, their unexplained connection and their relationship started to make sense until she found out about her photo through her ex-husband Clayton who has been trying to control her life ever since their divorce but towards the end, she choose to see him as a person worthy of her and Ben’s (their son) respect and love.


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