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Title: The Most Painful Battle
Author: Haveyouseenthisgirl

The Most Painful Battle is one of the most famous wattpad stories written by HaveYouSeenThisGirl or Denny R. in real life.

Denny is a Filipino writer known for her works depicting romantic stories with a twist in the end.

Denny’s “The Most Painful Battle” is a journey of tragic love story between the main characters Pierce Useda and Leaf tea, and how their relationship developed through the combination of ancient Filipino courtship and age of texting.

The book depicts Poverty, Sacrifices, Dedication, Family and Different faces of love. The story begins with a light-comedic mood due to the humors of the characters.

Pierce Useda is a ‘feeling’ gangster who is obsessed with Leaf ‘potchi’ Tea. Pierce is accompanied by his friends Oranggu Tan, A, B, and C creating “The Pogi Gang”. The plot of the story revolves around Pierce Useda trying to gain the heart of Leaf; on the other hand his best friend Oranggu Tan also gained his own love story while helping Pierce pursue the love of his life.

The story started when Pierce and “The Pogi Gang” hunts ‘Potchi’ or Leaf.

Pierce was love-struck the time he first met Leaf in a bus stop and attempted to rob leaf but ended up being one who was robbed and with that their story goes on.

The Characters in the book have their own story, background and battle which made it good because the readers can relate themselves with every characters of the story.

In this book, you can find out how the characters face the struggles of their daily battles and how they find the solution. Pierce Useda has many wonderful insights on life, on topics ranging from family matter to matters of the heart, his character is very unexpected because the author describe him as‘Bad-Boy’ kind of guy but then the true color of his character is unveiled as the story goes by.

Oranggu’s perception about education is a good eye-opener for teens that are hesitating to go to school because of problems they are facing, which are rampant in this era.

The writer’s style of writing is excellent, she started it with words of humor that readers find it appealing and engaging. From comedic to dramatic, the transition of the plot is smooth and flawless. The plot of the story is unpredictable and delightful. I would recommend it to Filipino Millennial readers, mainly because it will resonate better with them.

The languages used by the writer are in Filipino and Taglish which target Filipino millennial readers. The story is easy to understand because of the words used by the author is not too deep.

It also uses some language that are not appropriate to young readers. The playing of words made by the author creates a spice and it adds variation to the story.

Over-all, the book impressed us, the plot of the story is not foreseeable that makes it interesting and it ablest to surprised the readers.

The story is well constructed and spontaneous at the same time. The readers can relate because it deploys the reality, and the different battles people faced in life. The cliffhangers in every chapter makes the readers crave for something more.

Ratings of the book: 3.9 out of 5

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Christian L. Calegan, Student – Pasig City Science Highschool

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Success is not the key to happiness, happiness is the key to success, and if you love what you are doing you will be successful.

-Albert Schweitzer

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