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The One Minute Manager by Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson (Book Review)

Title: The One Minute Manager
Author: Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson
Rating: 5/5

It was my co-trainer Cale who introduced this book to me. But, seeing the author(s) surprised me even more, because both Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson has  a solid legacy embedded in me since I’ve read few of their books before (Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson Books that I’ve Read). I enjoyed reading their books individually and seeing them write one book together made me feel so excited.

Just like their other books, it’s short, simple, concise and would hit bull’s-eye. Their combination is a total knock out and will hit you right in one punch.

The Book is basically about how to become a one minute manager.

1. One minute goal setting
2. One minute praising
3. One minute reprimand

Reading other motivational and management books before, taught me those steps already but no one has ever explained it as simple as they did.

Since it’s simply written and explained, it is very easy to understand and it will eventually give you a nudge on what is lacking with your managerial skills. To sum up, my challenge personally base from what I’ve learned from this book, is the last minute: one minute reprimand. One reason is because I am highly an amiable person and dealing with negative behavior is one of my Waterloo as a person however, this book has explained what can be the steps that I can follow through to be able to deliver that one minute reprimand:

 and why it is important as well.

If you want to be an efficient and effective manager, be the one minute manager. 🙂

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As a performer, manager or leader we all must have have basic skills. Situational leadership has stood the test of time (Hersey and Blanchard). Situations vary by the degree of people versus task emphasis required. Don’t let the classic 2×2 consultant’s grid of lo-lo, hi-hi, hi-lo and lo-hi turn you off. This time its a helpful tool. In addition to the obvious notion that some people respond better to direct versus indirect management styles, Situational Leadership also lays out a developmental model that guides the best use of people and task emphasis.


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