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The Secret of Teams by Mark Miller (Book Review)

Title: The Secret of Teams
(What Great Teams Know and Do)
Author: Mark Miller
Rating: 5/5

The secret of great teams has been revealed and its pretty surprising.

I got this book from a book sale and my first impression was, “Really, this is just 115 pesos ($2.5)?” The copy that I’ve got, is an old edition because it doesn’t look any similar than the picture that you can see on the left side of this article. I felt very lucky.

This book, just like what I’ve expected (because of Ken Blanchard’s name attached to it) is very simple yet very precise.

If you have read Spencer Johnson books (like The Present, The One Minute Manager and Who Moved My Cheese) and enjoyed reading them, for sure, this book will also make an impact to you. (Simplicity always struck me.)

In a nutshell, this book summarized the three basic elements of highly effective team: TALENT, SKILLS and COMMUNITY.

It wasn’t written in an overwhelming script but it was rather explained in a short story with simple characters, with real life scenarios that a reader can learn from.

Here’s the most precious quotes you would find in this book.

“You need people who are a good fit. They need to have the desire and the capacity to learn and grow.”
“Great teams always have talented people.”
“As skills improve, results improve.”
“Training is for the head, esprit de corps is for the heart.”
“Having the right talents starts with having the right leader.”
“Disengagement is a manifestation of something, it’s a symptom, not a root cause.”


The biggest challenge though after reading this, is putting what you’ve learned in action – to gain more results, be an effective leader and become a highly performing team that you ever hoped for.

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Mark Miller’s presentation of how to bring teams from “worst to first” is one of the most unique ways of explaining the nuances of team dynamics I’ve ever read. My husband and I have enjoyed discussing the realities of how community and accurate placement make a huge difference to the possible productivity of teams.


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