The Time Trading Guru by Robert Renaud (Book Review)

Title: The Time Trading Guru
Author: Robert Renaud
Ratings: 4/5


Who wants to escape the nine to five workplace and live life again? Of course, the answer is everyone. Yet, in the crowded work-life balance / self-help genre there too few books that give a practical formula for the everyday worker to achieve balance in his life. This is truly a pity because millions of workers would love to read about how they can live life more fully and to fulfill their dreams now, all without sacrificing what they currently have.

THE TIME TRADING GURU, complete at 66,000 words, provides a blueprint to escape the workplace, take life breaks, and to get more out of life. The formula details how to master the levers of life’s principles of time, flexibility, and money, leverage the DREAM process to realize your dreams, and to trade one’s self to a more rewarding life; one full of experiences and relationships and no regrets.
When I first read the title of this book, it didn’t make an impact actually. But the synopsis was really interesting that’s why I got curious about what its all about.

Mid life crisis? Quarter life crisis like me? This book could be one good read for us. I don’t agree to some of the parts but for most parts, I found myself nodding and I just thought, this book is a black and white of what I thought a life should be.

I’m even proud to say, though at this point, I know, I am not yet successful, at some point of my life, I am unconsciously practicing time trading and enjoying my life breaks.

What I like most about this book is the practical tips it presents. Makes you feel even more engage with the topic. Because of it, you can practically work on your own life goal’s and purposes. It can make you realize that you should focus on the biggest part of your life like the most important people in your life and you will eventually have time for the small ones. The most essential part though is for you to determine which are your priorities and work on them.

One recommended book I may say. It can give you insights on how to change your perspectives to produce better results. It doesn’t only tackle how to time trade when you are an ordinary employee but also tackles on how to own a business and to run it as well.

It also gives some key points on how to make your dream come true by setting up goals and the most important is for you to take actions to get into your dream.

Its all about how you perceive things actually. Its all your call to make something negative turn into positive scenario and make the best out of your resources and how you explore your options. It can give you a lot of helpful tips about life and how to make things simple and never sweat on most stuff and stop over thinking. I was very thankful that I was given the chance to read this book.


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