The Tipping Point (How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference) by Malcolm Gladwell (Book Review)

Title: The Tipping Point (How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference)
Author: Malcolm Gladwell
Rating: 4/5

 How little things can make a big difference. – This is the line that made me buy this book. Though Malcolm Gladwell has been a household name for book clubs, this was his first book that I get to read.

Tipping Point was very different from other business books because of it’s subject. I can’t help but think about Derek Halpern of Social Triggers. He was the first blogger that I know that dealt with the psychology behind every business.

This was the book that has introduced and explained the ff. agents of change:
1. Law of the few
2. Stickiness Factor
3. Power of Context

It provided samples that ranges from epidemics of diseases, viruses to Sesame Street and Blue’s Clues. One of the sticky part of this book for me is the concept of different people that starts the epidemic of “word of mouth” – the connectors, salesmen and Maven.

It made me realize the importance of acquaintances.

"Weak ties are always more important than strong ties. 
Your acquaintances on the other hand by definition
occupy a very different world than you. They are more 
likely to know something that you don't. 
It is the strength of the weak ties."

It will surely give you a different perspective about the world and so with the people you will meet along the way.


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