The Winner Stands Alone by Paulo Coelho (Book Review)

Title: The Winner Stands Alone
Author: Paulo Coelho
Rating: 2/5

I’ve tried finishing this book twice however, it doesn’t keep me interested. I thought it was just because I was always tired when I read but then again, it’s not always the case and thus, I suspended reading it for a few months and get back to it. Unfortunately, I still have the same sentiments about it – it’s not sticky enough to get my attention.

On the other hand, the end part of the book contains an interview with the author and found it very interesting. This next line could have been the best summary of this novel. “Winner stands alone is not about paying a terrible price for your dreams. On the contrary, it is about the gigantic price we pay for allowing ourselves to chase illusions, instead of our true dreams. I do hope the readers will be able to see it as a warning rather than a manifesto.”

And here’s the other parts of the interview about his inspiration in writing this book.

"I remember once being at a gala dinner and next to me 
was a beautiful woman who was inconsolable. 
She was at the prime of her life, yet she held 
this profound hatred towards the other woman 
at the event. How can I describe the feeling of 
looking into a beautiful flower and discovering
that her scent was actually a poison."

For those who have read this novel. please let me know your thoughts. Should I continue reading or not? I’d be glad to know what you think about this book. Please enlighten me. 🙂


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