The You Code by Judi James and James Moore (Book Review)

7639388Title: The You Code
Author: Judi James and James Moore
Ratings: 2/5

Bold and Fierce.

I gave this book a 2/5 ratings because instead of making me feel better, it made me more anxious about how I carry myself. As cliché as they say, “truth hurts”. The rating that I gave must be very subjective and it will all depend on how you are going to perceive the book.

I actually read it part by part. Those parts that specifically applies to me or people I know.

For example, since I am a cafe latte drinker, I focused more on the things about a cafe latte drinker than the other coffee type drinker. It’s not the typical psychology book that I have read before. It’s a modern type one that includes behaviors based on email address, how you use the internet or social media, and a lot more.

Plus, some most of the topics presented were not applicable to a Filipino reader like me because the main target of the author were English readers since she is an English woman.

But, here are some quotes you can love from the book.

“Each decision adds up to the overall image known as ‘you’ “.

“Initial preconceptions are not easily changed.”

“Habit helps you avoid the pressure and stress of multiple choice.”

“Habits can take roughly 12-20 days to knock into touch if you have the willpower and focus to change.”

“Your body language is primarily a selection of learned behaviors.”

“Criticisms you have of your friends and family is probably some form of self-criticism or diverted self-loathing.”

“It’s easier on the ego to find negative traits in friends/family and to criticize them, than recognizing and criticising those same traits in ourselves.”

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