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A Book Geek Wannabe Confession

Here’s a Book Geek Wannabe Confession of Cassie from Culture Coverage.

As a young child, I hated reading. It was terribly boring and I only read when I absolutely had to. Fortunately for me, I had a mother who would read stories to me every night, and I loved those stories dearly. So it wasn’t that I hated books. It was more that I hated the books that I was capable of reading at such a young age. Books for six-year-olds are mostly boring. I wanted to read about monsters and mysteries. Our schoolbooks didn’t have stories like that, so I disliked reading in general.

That changed when my reading ability improved. When I was 12 years old, I started reading for enjoyment. I read all the books that I had craved as a young child but hadn’t been capable of reading. Yet loving books can lead to some strange situations. My love of reading and these strange situations have followed me throughout my life.

As an adult, I travel a lot. And I’m terrified of going anywhere without at least three books. This means that I often struggle to squeeze books and clothes into my suitcase. Over the years, I’ve tried many things to fit more books into my suitcase. I usually end up leaving something important at home because I packed extra books instead. On one trip, I had to buy a new jacket because I was going to a cold destination and packed books instead.

My husband finally had enough when he caught me taking his shoes out of his suitcase to put one of my books in it instead. He told me that I was only allowed to take e-books on my iPhone when we travel. No print books. So now he checks our suitcases for stowaway books whenever we go away. He doesn’t realize that I can easily fit two paperback novels into my handbag.

While I do still read many print books, e-books have had an effect on what I read. For example, I now read many free e-books and learn about authors that would otherwise remain undiscovered. Websites spring up all the time to give me access to the latest reads. Unfortunately, some of these websites aren’t exactly safe, so I use a VPN to protect my iPhone and am wary of scams online. The extra caution is worth it, but I usually just stick to Amazon if I know what I want.

All these years later, I still read monster stories and mystery books when I should be working instead. I’m also very grateful to my mother for reading all those stories to me. It helped me understand that books aren’t boring after all.

Have you spent your life trying to read as much as possible? Do you squeeze more books into your suitcase than you should? Please let us know in the comments.

About the author:
Cassie is a blogger who writes regularly about entertainment, travel and technology. She loves books and spends every spare minute she has reading.

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