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Warrior of the Light: A Manual by Paulo Coelho (Book Review)

Title: Warrior of the Light: A Manual
Author: Paulo Coelho
Rating: 5/5

We are all warriors of this life. At some point, we may need to fight but in other times, surrender.

There are moments when you can’t understand what’s  going on and you ended up frustrated and angry – to the people around you, circumstances and sometimes even to yourself.

This book is one of my recommended reads should you be faced in uncertainty or ambivalent thoughts because of the wisdom you can gather from it.

If you’ve read Paulo Coelho’s books, you’d know that his works can hit you right into where it should be. What makes this different from the others like The Alchemist, Adultery or Manuscript Found in  Accra, this book is a manual and not a novel or story. Usually, his books’ wisdom were hidden behind a fictional character. This time, it is written down direct to the point.

Though it seems like a manual for soldiers in battle, somehow, life can also be considered as a battlefield, that we need to overcome.

One short read and I recommend, that you pause every passage; for better understanding and try to ponder on its details before turning the next page.

Here’s some of my favorite ones:

“Behind the mask of ice that people wear, there beats a heart of fire.”

“A warrior of light does not waste his time in listening
to provocations, he has destiny to fulfill”

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Amazing book. I highly recommend that people check this book out. You’ll probably read it all in one sitting, and then you will use it as a manual, reading a few pages a day. Great reminders, great for building your inner person.



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