When I Woke Up: Confessions of A Book Geek Wannabe

This is my ephemeral outburst. 02/22/2016

I was looking for the Ipad when I woke up at 4:30 am earlier. I was craving to read my news feed and would like to grab anything to read. There’s that powerful push that wants me read! It’s like craving an ice cream in a random time of the day.

Why the big deal? Because, back then, it was writing that I love more than reading. The former was my first love. But one by one, the latter has started to replace the former in my heart.ephemeraloutburst-book-geek-wannabe

Is it good? Was it bad?

It’s just weird how I am evolving. How I mature in a different ways than the rest, and find myself in different perspective than my family. Sometimes, I think, I’m being too stubborn or was I just being myself.

Sometimes, I still think and ask, why am I not like my mother who is so caring, a good cook, a tidy person, very hard working -both in the office and at home, and why am I so different from my father in terms of opinions and ideas.

Maybe, it was reading that changed me. I get to see the ideas of other people and I get to realize, it is OK to be different. It was reading that made me appreciate my strengths and understand my weaknesses. It also made me grab, some of the best minds in the planet.

I want to have my own library. No matter how small or big it is. I want to see the collection of books that made me who I am right now and I want my future children to see the world as I saw it-imperfect yet, magical. I want to expose them to the minds of the people that they might not meet, but will surely influence them to become a better person.

It was reading that taught me to empathize and see things in different perspective and to strategize some future plans. It taught me how to be brave and let me see the world upside down.

I would want to read more so, I can be of great value. Not only to my children but to others as well.

When I woke up, there’s this urge and thirst for new ideas.

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