Why am I in Love with Books?

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When I was a little girl, I don’t usually read books for leisure. I just open my books when we have home work or projects and I really hated them because textbooks for me are really boring. But then, I became jealous of other people who loves reading and one by one, I started reading and just fell in love with it. But why do I love books?

1. It Relaxes me

Every time I had a bad day in the office, aside from jogging, and writing, reading books is my one way of releasing all the negativity that is running in my head. It’s like adding new memory, that enables me to forget why my day isn’t good.

2. It allows me to live in a dream world It’s like I am living in a world very different from where I truly am.

I can say that I really have a very boring life, because I don’t like drama and reading books allow me to live in a place that I can only dreamed of.

3. Books are the fountain of knowledge and the collection of other people’s imagination.

After reading a good book, I always admire the author because in just a short span of time, they have imparted new knowledge in me and I get to learned new things; they have also influenced me in some ways. Most of the time, they give me new perspective in life and give me new things to ponder about. These authors and writers gave me numerous ideas that had been part of my life.

4. I never consider the time spent in reading as a waste.

Sometimes, I read a book 6 hours straight and sometimes, I even have fewer hours of sleep because of reading but nevertheless, it’s always a time well spent! I get the chance to learn new words, new culture and I even had a new “idol” after reading. It’s like discovering things that school have never taught me.

5. Books are the greatest BOREDOM KILLER!

I always have a book in my bag because I am an outgoing person and I usually go out with my friends and sometimes (or most of the times) I ended up waiting for them but because of the books that I bring with me, waiting for them has never been a big deal for me. I can wait for them in hours! haha! :p (if I don’t have a book or a pen and a paper, I need to go and find one!)

Books are one of the greatest inventions made by man! 🙂
How about you? what makes you love books?

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