What Will You Do, If You Haven’t Found Your Book Genre

Hi Book Geek Wannabe’s! Today, we will tackle a question that I also personally struggled and continuously face, as I go through different phases of my life.

What will do you do, if you haven’t found the book genre that you really enjoy?


If you keep on asking this question at the back of your mind, there’s a good news here. It means that you are not giving up. It only means that you keep on trying but have not found your perfect type of book that you will enjoy. Don’t fret, because whatever you are facing right now, is just normal.

If you are a wannabe like me, surely, you will be at crossroads thinking, reading is never for you.

Remember that reading is not only confined into physical books but can also be done in different methods. Especially right now that technology is on the rise and innovations are everywhere. We have e-readers and audio books that you can also try if you are not into the physical books. (Will look for more innovative way of reading books and will also share it to you!)

But, what will you do if you’ve been trying so hard to look for that genre that you would enjoy but have not found it yet?

If you go to Amazon book section, you will see that there are tons of book genre that you can try reading and I bet you will never finish all of them. It’s just too vast to try out.

On the other hand, if you haven’t found that genre, I would challenge you to ask yourself, what really interests you. Will it be gardening? Baking? Singing? Or maybe Cars? Then you can start from there.

There are tons of books that covers variety of hobbies that you can try out. The goal of this activity, aside from mastering your favorite hobby, is to be engaged in reading for leisure. You are picking that book because you were not told to, but because you are genuinely interested in it.

Remember that starting a habit can not be done in one or two weeks alone. It needs 21 days to create one.

So, never lose hope! This is a habit that you will never regret. Reading will open more doors of opportunity and will create a new you that your future self, will be so proud of.

Start the habit of reading and realize what you can Learn from within ❤️

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Trixie Ricablanca Angeles, RN

Chief Blogging Officer at Books in My Baggage
Chief Blogging Officer, Books in My Baggage and The Book Geek Wannabe "Readers and Book Geeks are the next generation's coolest bunch of kids"

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