Write Here Write Now by A.A Patawaran (Book Review)

Title: Write Here Write Now
Author: A.A Patawaran
Ratings: 3/5

Patawaran is a writer motivator. He is an inspiration.

The part of this book that gave me a nudge was his “25 Random Items on the Guilty procrastination’s Checklist.”

I can somehow relate to it because although I’m not a full pledge writer like them, I’ve got those times when I want to write but I just can’t because of those never-ending excuses.

Compared with Elizabeth Ong’s “So You want to be a Freelance Writer”, I find Patawaran’s book more in-depth and thorough. Ong’s book is more of the ups ad downs of becoming a writer but this one is more of how to write and how to keep the fire burning.

The gist for me though, is his chapter entitled “Live to Tell”  and here are some of my favorite lines from the book.

Read every book about writing and every one of them urges you to write from the heart.”

“Reading is such an enriching experience.”

“A writer has to open himself up to the whole gamut of human emotions from deep sorrow to boundless joy, from nagging doubts to unwavering certainty, from murderous passion to killing envy.”

“Some writing coaches teaches you to stick to your truth which is another way of telling you to be honest, to be sincere, to bring nothing but the content of your heart out of the open.”

“Unlike others, depending on your curiosity, openness, courage and imagination.”

“The heart is a repository of emotions – real, imagined, invented, owned and borrowed, past, present, future. It is in your chest operating at an average of 80 beats per minute at rest, is a heart that has stories to tell.”

“Just be yourself. As long as you keep your mind open and your senses alert, your heart will have many words to share and each of them will still be yours and yours alone.”

Before I discovered my unrequited love for writing, I don’t know why I’m inquisitive, easily get bored and always long for something new and something different.

Now, I know why.

Because I am bound to tell my story to the whole world.

May they be interested or not, writing has already been part of my life.

A life not because I get paid but because this is where I find liberty.

I may not be considered a legit and validated blogger or writer, somehow, these words made me feel I had my own place here.

If you’re an aspiring writer, a writer or just someone who has an indescribable relationship with words, turn to this book every time you feel unmotivated when it comes to writing.

It’s actually not only about motivation but also about some technicalities like grammar and Oxford dictionary’s new word list that can be of great help.

Though I find some most of those book titles as jargons, it  has strengthen my perspective that when you love to read, it can bring you to places you never thought you could be.

From the back cover of the book:

AA Patawaran has been at the helm of various publications, from Lifestyle Asia, to Manila Standards, The Good Life to Manila Bulletin’s Sense and Style.

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